An Open Letter To Kenny Ortega: Please Cast Ryan Gosling In 'Dirty Dancing'

Dirty DancingDear Kenny Ortega,

Congratulations on yesterday's announcement that you'll be directing a "Dirty Dancing" remake. We were bummed when you dropped out of the "Footloose" remake (as psyched as we are for that movie), so this news really put us over the top. It couldn't get much better, except...we've already found your leading man. And he's different from the ones we've suggested in the past.

Did you catch the recently released "Crazy, Stupid, Love" by any chance? Then you might know where we're headed with this. In the flick, there's a certain reference to a certain favorite "Dirty Dancing" scene made by a certain Crush-worthy actor. So basically what we're saying is if you don't cast Ryan Gosling to fill Patrick Swayze's dance shoes, our relationship might be over.

It seems like you and Lionsgate are trying to put this flick on the fast track, and that's another thing Ryan will really help out with. The man doesn't need to get in shape! Did you see his abs in that movie? If he can lift Al Roker in an attempt to recreate that scene, then you can bet your bottom dollar he can lift whatever leading lady you pick for this movie.

Plus, he's totally got the bad boy thing working for him. Ryan is about as hunky as they get nowadays, and he's got bucket loads of talent to boot. It was nice to see him take a turn at rom-coms in "Crazy, Stupid, Love," so let's keep him there for a little while. Sure, he's got "Drive" to promote and about four other movies that he's working on right now, but just sell it to him the right way and tell him we have your back, and we're sure he'll be easily convinced.

So best of luck to you on the movie, Mr. Ortega, and we look forward to receiving our thank-you card once Ryan gets cast.

Love always,

The Hollywood Crush team

Read the full news story at MTV News.

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