Jennifer Lawrence Gets Bloody, Josh Hutcherson Gets Dirty In New 'Hunger Games' Stills

Hot on the heels of a largely well-received "Hunger Games" Hotties spread in Entertainment Weekly, Lionsgate has released two new images from the dystopian adaptation, proving that the actors portraying District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark aren't afraid to get a little dirty. Or bloody.

In this first image, we find Jennifer Lawrence all done up in Katniss' signature Games garb with the addition of several blood splatters (courtesy of the Cornucopia?) dotting her neck and chin. Though her hair is a bit unkempt, we reckon this image comes from early-ish in the Games considering her quiver still boasts several arrows.

For his part, Josh Hutcherson looks much more battle-worn as Peeta in this second image—his face is caked in dirt and he appears to have several cuts and scratches to boot. Could this image be post-Cato attack? If so, he looks rather laid back considering he suffered such a grave injury. When did he find time to kick back and gaze at the arena foliage, you know?

I think it's safe to say these stills are really our first candid look at the tributes in the arena considering the EW images of Jennifer as Katniss were likely posed for the magazine. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with what I see, but what I'd really like is an action shot showing one or both characters sparring with their Games nemeses. Where's Glimmer? Or Clove? Let the Games begin!

Click on either of the images above to see our entire gallery of "Hunger Games" stills!

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