Celebrity 'Change-Up': Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson Among Stars We'd Like To See Swap Careers

by Morgan Schwartz

If you’ve seen the trailer for "The Change Up," you know the raunchy comedy is all about two best friends (played by Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman) who wish they had each others' lives and then suffer the consequences when that wish comes true. (Your best friend sleeping with your wife definitely equals Awkwardsville.)

That cinematic switcheroo got us thinking: What would Hollywood be like if people could really swap lives? Here are our picks for some crushworthy celeb change-ups and predictions for what their careers would be like if our wishes were to come true.

Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart

Both lovely ladies are stars of their own blockbuster franchises, but the two have extremely different on-screen personalities. While Emma can be seen as the intelligent, sometimes out-spoken Hermione in the "Harry Potter" series, Kristen is known for her more subdued and emotional role as Bella Swan in "Twilight." So what would a quiet and understated Hermione be like? What about a bubbly Bella? While we don’t know for certain, we think the swap could be magical (pun intended).  

Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling

Each Ryan has his own summer flick out right now, so it’s no surprise we’re wondering what it would be like if the two were to swap places. Picture this: We’d get to see funny-man Ryan Reynolds star in a movie with equally funny-girl Emma Stone and see Ryan Gosling flex his comedy muscles in the movie that provided the inspiration for this blog. It's a win all around!

Justin Bieber and Cory Monteith

We all know that these two boys can belt it out but, what if Justin were to take on a full-time TV role and Cory became a teen pop sensation? We’ve seen Justin on the silver screen but we can’t help but think how awesome it would be if the Biebs were to try his hand as the leading man of "Glee." And while we got a glimpse of Cory’s take on Justin during "Glee"’s Bieber-friendly episode, "Comeback," a whole career dedicated to singing and dancing the pop star’s tunes could be amazing. PLUS, if the switch had taken place, Justin would have just starred in "Monte Carlo" with girlfriend Selena Gomez. We personally wouldn’t object to watching the cute couple on screen for two hours. 

Robert Pattinson and Stephen Moyer

Our favorite vamps swapping roles would be AMAZING. We’d love for Rob to sink his teeth (literally) into a more aggressive, sexy role that promotes him up to vampire royalty. Also, getting another glimpse of Stephen Moyer's soft, sensitive side that we briefly saw when he and Sookie were together would make our hearts melt all over again.

Leighton Meester and Shenae Grimes

Both brunettes are stars of CW series that have received extra episodes for the upcoming season, but we can't help but wonder what would happen if you brought the queen of the Upper East Side to Hollywood, and the beachy Beverly Hills student to the Big Apple. Would Blair be as good at scheming? Would Annie still act? It could be the ultimate switch. 

Click play on the clip above to see what it would look like if Ryan and Jason really did switch careers. (Hint: pretty hilarious!)

Which celebrities would you like to see switch careers? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!