Extra 'Gossip Girl,' '90210' And 'Nikita' Headed To CW

Gossip GirlHate those two-month breaks the CW has in the middle of every season? Well, fortunately the network has done something about them.

Turns out that four of our favorite CW shows have received extra episodes this coming season to make the wait a little shorter (and less painful). Deadline has learned that "Gossip Girl" and "90210" are each getting two extra episodes this season, while "Nikita" and "Supernatural" each get one. The intent is to bring the rerun periods in the middle of the seasons -- typically from the end of November to the beginning of January -- to a minimum as much as possible.

Yes, we also noticed "The Vampire Diaries" is missing from that list, but Deadline has a good explanation.

"TVD" has definitely grown in scale since its debut in 2009, and the show requires a much longer production time than the other shows that have received extra episodes. It's maintaining its 22 episode order because showrunner Kevin Williamson wouldn't be able to accommodate the extra episodes (not, be still our supernatural-obsessed hearts, because it's not popular enough).

It's also important to note Kevin has another big show on the horizon: "The Secret Circle." Two big TV series in one year obviously is a bit of a commitment, so we'll forgive the normal episode order this time. The three series that will be running in the midseason, when the main CW shows are on hiatus, are the final season of "One Tree Hill" and the reality series "Re-Modeled" and "The Frame."

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