Tom Felton And Rupert Grint: A Bromance Revealed

As a casual observer of the rich and famous, I like to assume that everyone knows everyone in Hollywood, and that they're all best friends forever. In fact, nothing delights me more than witnessing a genuine friendship between actors. Case in point: "Harry Potter" stars Tom Felton and Rupert Grint.

Sure, they've known each other for more than a decade, and are always all nicey-nice at promotional events and such, but at last night's premiere of Tom's new movie, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," Rupert went above and beyond the friendly gesture of showing up at his friend's premiere—he dressed for the occasion with a custom made "I Heart Tom Felton" T-shirt.

I was lucky enough to witness the moment when Tom saw Rupert and his T-shirt which, obviously, was adorable. A beaming Rupert opened up his blazer a bit to better showcase his efforts, which sent Tom into a fit of giggles. They posed for a few photos, which you can see in the video above.

"I've had a crush on him for years!" Tom joked. "Finally, he's coming out [with his appreciation]. It's great," he said with a smile.

I told Tom to see if Rupert is selling the shirts, in which case Tom should definitely get a cut of the profits.

"Good call. Maybe that's his latest business venture now that the films have wrapped," he said. "What a lovely guy."

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