'Smurfs' Star Jayma Mays 'Looking Forward To The Possibility' Of Singing Again On 'Glee'

While there's still drama with some of the cast of "Glee" (like if we'll see Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith in something "Glee"-related following season 3), cast mate and "The Smurfs" star Jayma Mays weighed in on what she wants to see happen for her character, Emma Pillsbury, when the upcoming season kicks off this fall.

With things perpetually up in the air with Will Schuester, Jayma is excited to explore her character's OCD storyline a bit more as the season progresses. "Well, as far as my character goes, I love the fact that at the end of last season she finally admitted that she had a problem, and she started taking medication for it," Jayma said, though she did warn that that doesn't mean all's finally well.

She continued, "I'm obviously not an expert on that stuff, but from what I do know, sometimes that medicine does help people and sometimes it doesn't work as well, so I'm really interested in seeing where they take that character and that choice."

Jayma also revealed that she'd be into a few more musical numbers because, well, we just don’t see her singing enough on the show. "I love doing it," she said. "I get really nervous cause I don’t do it a lot, and I'm not used to doing it. But, yeah, I'm looking forward to the possibility of that."

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