Taylor Lautner, Justin Timberlake Test Their Geekery In New After Hours

Ahhhh, Comic-Con! It's a place for movie gossip, a place for celebrity sightings and, of course, a place for seeing full-grown adults dressed up in spandex superhero suits without so much as a hint of embarrassment. But, above all, it is a place for GEEKS. Which is why, when MTV News' Josh Horowitz got a few good famous people to sit down with him for our latest After Hours, we put them to the test with a little Game of Geekery. Which "Twilight" star knows his Tolkien Trivia? Which sultry starlets are secret nerds? Can't anyone do a decent impression of Yoda anymore?! Find out, in...."GEEKS! OR! POSERS!"

Things get off to a sad start when Josh asks his assembled guests to begin by naming Elijah Wood's character in "Lord of the Rings." Amanda Seyfried stutters, "It's, uh... y'know. That guy?" before giving up. And Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed look like a pair of deer in the headlights as they each look to each other for help. Bzzzzt! Posers! Deer-lookin' posers!!!

But don't worry, there's still a geek or two lurking in the "Twilight" cast: Taylor Lautner nails the answer (which is "Frodo," by the way) like a boss...although he quickly shames himself on a question about the definition of "manga." (And no, Nikki and Elizabeth, it is not a fruit. GEEZ, you guys!)

Overall, we're a tad disappointed in the geek cred of our favorite crushworthy celebs. The "Twilight" kids are largely hopeless; Amanda Seyfried can't even attempt a Yoda impression; and Henry Cavill, who is playing Superman in next year's reboot, cannot identify the title of the fourth Superman movie. Although man, does he look gorgeous when he's confused.

The clear winner of this little contest? Justin Timberlake, who comes blazing in at the end like a Dark Horse of Geekery with a dead-on impression of everyone's favorite floppy-eared "Star Wars" guru: "Good interview, it was!"

Relieved, we are.

Are you shocked at these celebs' lack of geek cred?