Alexander Skarsgard Splits From Kate Bosworth: We Offer Breakup Advice

Alexander Skarsgard Kate BosworthStop what you're doing, take a seat and prepare to break into a spontaneous rendition of the "Hallelujah Chorus": Alexander Skarsgård has called it quits with Kate Bosworth, and our favorite Viking vampire is now officially single.

...Okay, okay: obligatory sad face for the end to what was surely a lovely relationship. And then, the celebratory singing! (Besides, Us Weekly reports that it was all very mutual and mature and non-devastating to either party.)

Of course, we wouldn't want Alexander to go jumping back into the dating pool just yet, seeing as his sexy Swedish ass belongs to us he needs time to let his little feelings heal up. So, in the meantime, we've put together a list of fun post-breakup activities for ASkars that'll help him pass the time until his heart is ready to rumble again. Like...

Cooking classes! Because the only thing better than a sexy Swede is a sexy Swedish meatball.

Needlepoint! Consider it a character study; now that "True Blood's" Eric Northman is getting in touch with his sensitive side, Alexander might benefit from learning the fine Victorian art of embroidering a decorative pillowcase with tiny bees and butterflies.

Learning a second language! Although actually, it'll be more like a fifth language since our guy already speaks English, Swedish, German and French. But why not Urdu or Congoese? After all, a guy can never be too talented with his tongue! ...Wait, that came out wrong.

...Wait, no it didn't.

How would you like to see Alexander pass the time before his return to the singles scene?