Which 'Breaking Dawn' Star Should Appear On The Movie's Soundtrack?

"The Twilight Saga" has not only busted box-office records, but it's also produced a trio of soundtracks that have predictably lived at the top of the charts. So while we're eagerly anticipating the series' closing cinematic chapters, we're also itching for a new, neatly wrapped package of ear candy as well.

Some good news for you fellow soundtrackphiles: When we caught up with "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" director Bill Condon at San Diego Comic-Con, he revealed that one of the film's stars will likely grace the soundtrack! Though, unsurprisingly, he wouldn't divulge who.

Now, in my mind, there are two main contenders for this honor: Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone. Considering what Bill had to say about his vision for the finale ("I always thought of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' as a real companion piece to Catherine Hardwicke's movie... I think you'll find that there are stylistic and other nods to that film."), I'm leaning towards Rob. As you'll recall, the dreamboat had two moody numbers featured on the "Twilight" soundtrack, so if we're coming full circle...

Though co-star Jackson certainly shouldn't be counted out just yet. Jasper Hale's alter ego is part of the very real, very playful band 100 Monkeys, and he told us recently of the band's likelihood of appearing on the soundtrack, "it could happen."

But let's not forget dark horse Kristen Stewart. The starlet already has one soundtrack to her name—2010's "The Runaways," in which she plays (and sings as) rock goddess Joan Jett. Perhaps Bella has one angsty number inside of her? (Or maybe not...)

Of course, we can't completely eliminate the idea of an out-of-left-field pick like Ashley Greene or Kellan Lutz, but that seems pretty unlikely, don't you think?

So it's your turn, Crushers. Who do you think should appear on the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack? Vote in our poll after the jump!