'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Surface Tension'

That stealthy bitch A was right about one thing on last night's "Pretty Little Liars": It's going to be much easier antagonizing the liars now that two of them live under one roof.

Emily's mom officially defected to the land of cowboy boots and bolo ties, leaving Em to finish off the school year in Rosewood while living with Hanna and her mom. All of this upheaval (and a new workout regimen) only earned Emily a sore shoulder. (Should we place bets now as to which upcoming episode Emily will bumble the swim meet because of her pesky pain?) Yet, always-polite Emily thanked her surrogate family by cooking them a scrumptious-looking egg-white omelet breakfast. Em, you can be my house guest any time!

The Marin-Fields weren't the only ones who broke bread together during "Surface Tension." The Montgomerys decided it was high time to throw a dinner party now that Ella had moved back home. And, of course, why not invite new Hollis professor Ezra Fitz?! And a date?! Aria begged Ezra to turn down the invite, but he saw it as their chance to take that "baby step" they've been plotting since before Ian's funeral. Ezra. Honey. I think I just saw a baby turtle pass you for as slow as you're moving here. But wait! To make matters more awkward, Ella also invited Jason because she felt sorry for him. Hopefully there's a very long cocktail hour before this wreck of a fete.

The Cat Burglar of Rosewood (a.k.a. Aria's brother, Mike) was also told through a rear-view mirror conversation with dad Byron (yeah, that happened) that he was under no uncertain terms to miss the family's first dinner since Mrs. Montgomery's return. Which obviously meant there was no chance of Mike actually showing up.

Meanwhile, Toby was hired by Spencer's dad to help clear brush from their property, and being the industrious hottie that he is, he brought along sketches of his vision for the Hastings' barn renovation. Do I smell a budding architect? But when Toby dug in the dirt on the Hastings-DiLaurentis property line, he found a suspicious looking relic: a blunt object with the name Hastings scrawled across it. We later found out that the weaponish thingamabob had been the tip of Spencer's old field hockey stick, which she had given to Alison. And an object Aly had once swung at brother Jason. Not knowing the stick was likely more incriminating for Jason than Spencer, Mr. Hastings grabbed it from Toby and burned it in the fireplace. Destroying evidence—always a good idea.

The Montgomery Dinner Party of Awkward (starring Ezra, Jason and their dueling bouquets!) didn't get far without a few interruptions. First, was Spencer's call to tell Aria about the mysterious field hockey stick. Next, and obviously most disruptive, were the police arriving on the Montgomerys' porch to inform them that Mike had been arrested for breaking and entering. Byron and Ella abandoned their house guests to bail Mike out, leaving Aria to entertain Ezra and Jason. Sample uncomfortable banter: "So did you have Aria...in your class?" Wipe that look off your face, Ezra!

Aria snooped around Mike's room conducting her own investigation and found among his pilfered treasures that light-throwing candle-holder Jenna made during pottery class. But when Aria confronted Mike about breaking into Jenna's house, he insisted he got it from police officer Garrett's place. Uh-oh.

Aria texted Spencer to warn her not to trust Garrett, but Spencer was already in the police officer's car, alone, late at night, interrogating him about the murder weapon used to off Alison. This won't end well.

What did you think about last night's "Pretty Little Liars"? What's going on with Emily's shoulder? Do you think Hanna's parents will get back together? Is Aria headed for more awkward times with Ezra and Jason? And will Spencer get out of that police cruiser scot-free? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!