'New Year's Eve' Teaser Trailer: Lea Michele, Zac Efron Ring In A Rom-Com

Now that its approximately four hundred bajillion casting announcements are out of the way, things are in full swing for Garry Marshall's "New Year's Eve"! And the massive ensemble comedy has just released its first teaser trailer, with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it mashup of... I don't even know, like, 20 different storylines. All of which will undoubtedly converge in a giant, pyrotechnic dance number at the end! Probably! Maybe.

It's hard to keep track of what's what in this rapid-cut extravaganza, but here's what we've got: Ashton Kutcher wearing a sadbeard; Lea Michele doing her best Pollyanna; Sarah Jessica Parker and the Dress of Despair; Katherine Heigl getting slap-happy; Zac Efron playing wish-fulfiller to Michelle Pfeiffer; Josh Duhamel running around in a tux; ummmm something something Halle Berry; and pregnant Jessica Biel. Oh, and Robert De Niro as the erudite grandaddy of all things Auld Acquaintance. Woohoo! (Watch the trailer after the jump!)

The holiday rom-com hits theaters December 9.

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