'Breaking Dawn' Director Bill Condon Talks Filming 'Fun' Sex Scenes

When we took an informal straw poll at San Diego Comic-Con asking "Twilight" fans which scenes they were hoping to peek at "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" panel, it came as no surprise that the sex scene was, um, tops. So you better believe when we got face time with the man behind the magic (i.e. director Bill Condon), we peppered him with plenty of questions about the squeal-inducing scenes.

First, we wanted to know who the scenes were more awkward for: him or actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

"It's probably most weird for them, I would imagine," he answered with a laugh. "But the thing is, they're so comfortable with each, so they made the whole thing—it was kind of fun."

Despite the mostly comfortable atmosphere during the sensitive shoot, things were also, predictably, a bit awkward. "Those things are always strange," he continued. "They get to be weirdly technical at points. [Robert and Kristen] managed to put that aside and turn it into a very real moment."

But, Bill, here's what we really need to know: how sexy is it? Were you pushing the boundaries of your PG-13 rating?

"Not so much," Bill revealed. [Editor's note: DARN] "Except for knowing that you're not going to have explicit nudity, I was telling it in the most powerful way. So we'll see what happens."

We will indeed, Mr. Condon. And we can't wait.

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