Kristen Stewart Won't Get Murderous In 'K-11'

Kristen StewartEveryone put on your Disappointment Pants: Kristen Stewart, despite earlier rumors to the contrary, will NOT be appearing as a homicidal transgendered prison inmate in "K-11." But even without Kristen on board, there's still a whole lotta Stewart in this movie! Kristen's mom, Jules Stewart, will direct the dark, gritty ensemble drama—and Variety reports that her older brother, Cameron Stewart, has joined the cast in his feature film debut.

A manly version of K-Stew? Hmm! There's only a teensy photo of Cameron attached to the story, but we definitely see some family resemblance between him and his famous sis.

Goran Visnjic, D.B. Sweeney and Portia Doubleday of "Youth in Revolt" are all attached to the movie as well, and shooting is currently taking place at an abandoned correctional facility. And despite the proliferation of Stewarts, don't be looking for a sweet family reunion in this film; Mama Stewart's directorial debut is serious business—we're talking rape, murder and prison riots.

At least we know where Kristen gets her taste for dark and daring roles.

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