'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Design Was A Collaboration, Ashley Greene Says

In Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" finale "Breaking Dawn," Alice Cullen once again puts her inner stylist to work, dressing and making up Bella for her wedding day (not to mention packing all those naughty unmentionables for the honeymoon!). So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that Alice's real-life alter ego, Ashley Greene, also had a hand in the wedding's fashionable outcome.

"We all worked really hard on [the wedding]. Everything was kind of a collaboration, even the dresses and the design and stuff like that," Ashley told MTV News during San Diego Comic-Con. "Bill and I would sit down and talk about it, and what he had in mind, so I'm very excited to see that."

When our Josh Horowitz inquired as to what Ashley's contribution was to the film's fabulous dresses, Ashley revealed that she tried to work her character's history into her look.

"I wanted to bring Alice back—she's kind of from the 1920s-ish—so I thought her dress maybe should have a little bit of that feel, and other people had different visions, so we kind of put everything together, and I think it's something you haven't seen before."

Co-star Nikki Reed admitted that her vision of the ceremony probably isn't nearly as epic as it will be on screen.

"Have you ever been to an awards show, and you just go, like, 'Wow, on TV this looks a lot bigger,' but then you're there, and you're like, 'This is just sort of life that we're living'? We were shooting, and I remember thinking that when I see this on screen, it's going to feel epic, but I know what it's like to be here right now."

And being there in the moment wasn't nearly as clean—or dry—as it will seem on the silver screen, either.

"It was freezing cold. We were shooting in stilettos in the mud with these gorgeous gowns, and everything was muddy. It was a big, huge mess. There were beautiful elements to it, like if you took out the fact that it was so cold. If you just look at it like it was a picture, it was picture perfect."

From the small glimpses we've seen in the "Breaking Dawn" trailer, we don't doubt it, Nikki!

Are you super-excited to see Bella and Edward's nuptials? Are you surprised Ashley had a hand in the look of the wedding?