Our Favorite Comic-Con Interviews: Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield And More!

It's been a busy few days for the MTV News crew covering 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, but fortunately our hours of "hard work" constitute chatting up the sexiest and most buzzworthy stars in the biz (meaning it's not really that hard at all).

With scrumptious scoop flying left and right all weekend, there's a chance something really great may have passed you by, so here's a rundown of our favorite interviews from the Con:

"The Amazing Spider-Man" Star Andrew Garfield

He won our hearts when we asked about the body type required for his scrappy superhero. Turns out he put a lot of effort into convincing director Marc Webb to not have Spider-Man flaunt Captain America-sized muscles.

"I love the idea of a skinny guy beating the crap out of big guys, just as a personal fantasy fulfillment for myself," he said with a laugh. "I think a lot of skinny guys and skinny girls like me are going to hopefully watch a skinny guy in a red and blue suit beating the crap out of big guys and really enjoy that."

Taylor Lautner On "Abduction"

TayTay spent a lot of time talking about his work on "Abduction" when MTV News caught up with him before Friday's livestream. He and director John Singleton studied action films together to prepare the "Twilight" star for his first full-on action flick.

"I chose Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford; we just went down the list," Taylor explained. "It would be an honor to have a tenth the career that those guys have."

Channing Tatum Goes "Haywire"

Channing stopped by to talk about his upcoming movie "Haywire," but since this is a comic book convention at heart we couldn't let him go without first sharing who his favorite superhero is.

"My favorite superhero—if it's very textbook superhero—'X-Men' would be Gambit," Channing explained. "My dad's from Louisiana so Creole blood is very deep in my veins. He's just one of the coolest ones. He smokes and has sex with women and blows things up with playing cards and stuff, so it doesn't get any cooler than that for me."

Robert Pattinson Gets Sexual

Then our personal favorite bite came from Robert Pattinson when he was talking about filming his "Breaking Dawn" sex scenes.

"You just get lubed up and jump right into it!" RPattz laughed in response. "You have to have some tantric breathing and stuff."

Elizabeth Reaser Wants The "Breaking Dawn" Birth Scene

Fans might be most excited for the "Breaking Dawn" wedding and sex scenes, but the stars of the movie said that they're more into the grosser, stranger sequences.

"There's actually some freaky weird scenes that I want to see," Elizabeth teased. "I want to see the freaky birth and there's all kinds of weird, crazy, strange, scary, beautiful stuff that happens in this movie."

What was your favorite interview from our Comic-Con coverage? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!