'Breaking Dawn' At Comic-Con: The Stars' 7 Best Quotes

Though the "Breaking Dawn" insanity ended relatively early during 2011's San Diego Comic-Con, getting a chance to chat with the majority of the fan-favorite cast was certainly among the high points of our coverage.

And in true "Twilight Saga" fashion, everyone from Robert Pattinson to director Bill Condon gave us some one-liners worth giggling over. A lube reference? Check. Falling in love with newborn babies? Check. Renaming the movie "Twilight Grows Up"? You betcha. So in case you missed any of our coverage over the past week, here's a handy list of our seven favorite quotes from the franchise's stars!

"You just get lubed up and jump right into it! You have to have some tantric breathing and stuff." — Robert Pattinson on sex scenes

"I wish I could be actually [fighting in 'Breaking Dawn']. I'm super-jealous of my CGI wolf, though he is pretty cute and fluffy." — Taylor Lautner on his lack of fight scenes

"Taylor's funny about it too. He's like, 'You're so cute.' I think he was a little more intimidated than he led on. Maybe not." — Kristen Stewart on filming fight scenes with Taylor Lautner

"I keep saying it's like 'Twilight Grows Up.' It's adult concerns: they're married now, it's like they're going to have a kid, it's that kind of stuff. You could see that it's connecting more to what their lives were like now than if they were still playing high school kids, because they're not high school kids anymore." — Bill Condon on the cast growing up in "Breaking Dawn"

"People ask me questions all the time about imprinting, and I just want to say, 'Read the book: It explains it all.' It's very complicated. I can't wait for everyone to see it. I think they'll be pleased." — Taylor Lautner on imprinting

"You're playing Twister." — Robert Pattinson on filming sex scenes

"I had to walk into the room with the intention of killing this baby and then stop, twist and imprint on it, whatever that means."

"That sounds amazing! Jacob's secrets revealed." — Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson talking about the imprinting scene

Which "Breaking Dawn" Comic-Con quote is your favorite?