Robert Pattinson's Razored 'Do Raises Eyebrows At Comic-Con

Robert PattinsonFROM MTV STYLE: The HUMONGOUS NEWS at San Diego Comic-Con this year is NOT super-cute girl nerds in costume, OR rooftop swimming pool parties, OR onion rings for's this thing called TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN and the fact that its leading man Robert Pattinson—the man with arguably the most awesome hair in the universe—has gone and shaved HALF HIS HEAD. We peeped his 'do straight from the Comic-Con hallway, and it is half-shaved. Like, he stopped mid cranium, put down the razor and was like, "Eh, I'm donezo here!" Twitter is exploding with reactions to RPattz's new hair, and, as of press time, we can confirm that his hair is NOT matted, but actually shaved. This a HUGE move for Robert, considering his flowy, life-of-their-own locks have always been his trademark.

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