Comic-Con 'Breaking Dawn' Livestream Starts Now!

San Diego may as well be located in a remote, mountainous region of Washington state for all the vampires and werewolves its playing host to today. (Not that we're complaining!) In fact, we're kicking off our three-day "MTV News: Comic-Con Takeover" with a "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" livestream extravaganza. And all of your favorites are here! Kristen Stewart! Robert Pattinson! Taylor Lautner! Ashley Greene! And many more!

Continue sending your questions via Twitter to @MTVNews using the hashtag #MTVSDCC, and we'll try to squeeze in as many as we can. As you watch the livestream, don't forget to follow along with our liveblog after the jump to get our expert commentary on all things "Twilight."

7:02 And that's a wrap! Thanks for joining our "Breaking Dawn" livestream! We'll be coming to you live from Comic-Con again tomorrow at the same bat time, same bat channel!

7:01 Rob says he'd "love" to star in another movie with Kristen.

7:00 SEX SCENES. "You just get lubed up and dive right into," Rob says. I think I just fainted.

7:00 And we're signing off with Robert Pattinson! Save the best for last? (Just kidding...)

6:59 Would they film "Midnight Sun"? Ashley and Kellan say yes! (Call the studio...)

6:57 Apparently Kellan is a Wikipedia hack!

6:55 Will there be a blooper reel? Ashley hopes so! Ashley says every vampire coven choreographed a dance in lieu of the scene they were supposed to film. Sounds epic!

6:54 I want in on game night! I'm a mean Taboo player!

6:53 An Alice and Emmett shower scene? Um, yes. YES.

6:52 Thank you, Kellan, for your "adult content" joke. We're salivating already.

6:52 I like Ashley's dress, BTW. Too cute!

6:51 Ashley and Kellan!

6:50 Jackson calls the last day of filming a "hugfest." Jackson also reveals he had his own hair for the last two films (they just dyed it blond).

6:50 I was totally sitting behind Jackson Rathbone when he filmed that bit. #livingthedream

6:49 Josh just really wanted an excuse to flaunt his Yoda impression.

6:48 Yeah, I thought Manga was a fruit too.

6:46 Elizabeth hasn't seen "The Vampire Diaries" but she did meet "sweetheart" Nina Dobrev. For her part, Nikki has met "True Blood" star Deborah Ann Woll while filming a movie together last summer. And before you ask, they totally covered the bloodsucker thing.

6:45 Elizabeth was pretty impressed by Kristen's Taylor-throwing skills. Can't wait to see that one!

6:44 Nikki was worried about conveying the new dynamic between Bella and Rosalie. Especially since they were jumping between the first and second movies every day.

6:44 Elizabeth really wants to see the "freaky, weird" scenes. Nikki just wants all of it.

6:43 Nikki says Rob is probably the biggest mess after wrapping filming. We *think* she's joking...

6:42 Nikki says they cried a lot during the wedding scene.

6:41 Oh, man. They missed the teaser scenes this morning. Call Summit, girls. Get your hands on that video!

6:41 Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser are here!

6:41 He also says he's laboring a bit over the birthing scene.

6:40 Bill says Rob has an easy sense of humor and says he brought more of himself to this movie because Edward is finally, sort of, happy.

6:38 Director Bill Condon says he felt a bit of weight on his shoulders filming these movies. But he says you can only do it the way you think is "the most beautiful and powerful." Classy, Mr. Condon. We like you already.

6:37 Julia's Chaske Spencer impression

6:35 Julia said it didn't feel like she was filming two movies, just one big one.

6:34 Josh IS so obsessed with Kristen's cooking. Apparently, Julia hasn't had Kristen's tortilla soup either.

6:33 Julia, sadly, didn't take any props with her as souvenirs. Darn it.

6:30 Julia was most looking forward to Leah's character growth (and not being quite so angry anymore).

6:29 Here's Julia Jones (a.k.a. Leah Clearwater)!

6:28 Kristen tells Josh her most surreal filming moment was also the wedding scene. But she says it was cathartic too. She says it definitely felt "ceremonial" and "celebratorial."

6:28 Kristen says she hasn't even talked about "Snow White and the Huntsman" yet, but she's super, super excited about it. She's training and riding horses to prepare.

6:27 Kristen says that the wedding scene was her most-anticipated scene of the entire series.

6:26 Do you agree that pretty much every fan wants to see the wedding scene/dress next?

6:25 Obviously, fans went bananas. Hardly a complaint to be heard about the two scenes.

6:22 So what "Breaking Dawn" clips debuted at the Con? The first one features Jacob talking with the Cullens about Bella's need for blood. And...SQUEEEE...the second film was from the honeymoon, of Edward carrying Bella over the threshold. O.M.E.

6:21 Rob describes the baby looking like "one of those trolls on the top of your pencil." Ha!

6:21 Anamatronic, Renesmee? Weird...

6:17 Swimming with a T-shirt on, Rob? Poor form, man! Don't tease us like that!

6:16 Taylor was most nervous about filming the imprint scene. "Stop, twist and imprint," he describes it. "Your signature move," Rob chimes in.

6:14 Rob says "Breaking Dawn" is hard core and graphic. Oooh, la, la.

6:13 Kristen calls filming the wedding scene, "Secret Service-style insane." She hid her wedding dress from prying paparazzi eyes with a Volturi robe. Clever, KStew!

6:11 Taylor is also stoked for the honeymoon scene. Um, who isn't!?!

6:10 Taylor on imprinting on Renesmee: "It's tough. I think the best way is to just go off the book. I mean people ask me questions about imprinting and I just say, 'Read the book.'" Taylor added that Mackenzie Foy (who plays Renesmee) is the nicest girl and really talented. Awww...


6:07 She's got all the deets on this morning's press conference. She says Rob, Taylor and Kristen had great chemistry. (Duh!)

6:05 It's TwilightMOMS admin Amanda (who's also one of Hollywood Crush' "Hunger Games" experts)! Looking good, lady!

6:03 Were you one of the fans camped out for Comic-Con?

6:00 Here we go! Here we go!

5:50 While we wait for the livestream to start, what does everyone think of Rob's razored new 'do?

5:45 Annnnnnd...hello! Welcome to our "Breaking Dawn" livestream starting in just 15 short minutes. Take a seat and send a tweet (with your questions) to @MTVNews using the hashtag #MTVSDCC.

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