Justin Timberlake On 'Friends With Benefits' Sex Scenes: 'I Just Jumped Around A Lot'

It's hard to believe the man who brought "SexyBack" would ever find SexyTimes awkward, but once you add in a slew of gaffers, PAs and best boys (whatever they do), we can understand how the act might become a little less titillating. But being the consummate performer that he is, Justin Timberlake took it all in stride while filming the romantic comedy "Friends With Benefits" alongside Mila Kunis. In fact, it was awkwardness that made the experience less awkward. (Yeah, that logic hurts our heads, too.)

"In the world of awkward sex scenes, these were, in fact, less awkward because we were required to make them awkward as the characters, and we were going for laughs and that breaks the ice a little bit, so you feel like you don't have to portray something a certain way," Justin explained.

And, of course, a little humor never hurts either. "I basically just jumped around a lot and made Mila laugh as much as I could," he continued.

The comely on-screen couple also revealed to MTV News that they made up songs together on set (mostly about writer/director/producer Will Gluck) to lighten the mood, but JT declined our request to sing a couple for the camera.

"They can be re-performed, but not on MTV," he said with a sly grin. BURN!

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