How Did Vanessa Hudgens Keep Her Haircut Under Wraps For Two Months?

Though photos of a "made-under" Vanessa Hudgens just recently surfaced online, the starlet has actually been sporting her choppy, blunt haircut for nearly two months while filming the teen pregnancy drama "Gimme Shelter."

"I cut it off as soon as I started the film which was about two months ago," Vanessa said when we caught up with her recently at a Neutrogena Wave for Change event, just days after she wrapped filming. "We've been shooting in the middle of nowhere, in some pretty hood areas—abandoned hospitals—so it took a while for the paparazzi to figure out where I was, which I am very thankful about."

The look is definitely a departure from the long-haired Vanessa we're used to, but the actress said her role in the 2012 flick was worth facing the shears for. "I loved the project so much that I was willing to just go for it for my character to the point where I actually grabbed the scissors and was cutting my hair myself because my character cuts her hair in the beginning of the movie," she recalled. "And it wasn't looking choppy enough. My director grabbed a big chunk on the top of my head and chopped it too."

Talk about dedication to a role!

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