'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Never Letting Go'

I'm beginning to think the Rosewood Public Library should hold its own fundraiser to add a few parenting books to its collection, because the mothers and fathers of "Pretty Little Liars" continue to make poorer decisions than their teenage children.

At the top of the list is probably Alison's distraught mother Jessica DiLaurentis who blew back into Rosewood for the town's fashion fundraiser held in Alison's honor this year. Now, I sympathize with the woman—she did lose her daughter, after all. But didn't she think it would be the tiniest bit creepy to ask Alison's friends to walk the runway in a dead girl's hand-me-downs!? Also, getting into a whisper-yelling match with Spencer's dad at said event? Not classy.

Another least-likely candidate for Mom of the Year was Pam Fields who spent the majority of this episode moping around the house missing her husband stationed in Texas. When Emily suggested her mom move to the Lonestar State for the remainder of the school year, I thought, "Yeah, right." But Pam ultimately decided the separation from her husband was just too painful and told Emily she could stay with Hanna's family until she could join them in June. I'm curious to see what kind of trouble Em will get in on her own—especially now that it looks like she might want to heat things up with Samara.

Then there's Hanna's divorced parents who continued to flirt like a couple of 14-year-olds (who just so happen to drink red wine and eat Thai food). Maybe that messed up relationship is really what Hanna should be working through during her therapy sessions. (It's not your fault, Caleb! Hanna has daddy issues!)

And, lest we forget the Montgomerys, who have no idea Mike has become The Cat Burglar of Rosewood and that Aria is spending an increasing amount of time with possibly no-good Jason DiLaurentis—a tense relationship at best. Jason once again opened up to Aria when he asked her to keep the revelations from Ian's funeral a secret, but then closed down later when Aria tried to jog his memory about the night of Alison's murder. (Insinuating a guy may have offed his sister is not going to win you any points, Aria...)

However, Rosewood's mostly well-meaning parents all gathered in a show of familial support for their daughters' big event: the fashion show! But in the worst catwalk disaster since Carrie Bradshaw became runway roadkill, Ali's tribute was hi-jacked my troublemaker A. The show began well enough, with the girls strutting in a variety of outfits suitable for a "Lady Marmalade" music video sequel, finally coming out in Alison's cast-offs for the finale photo tribute. Except, halfway through, the pictures dissolved into garish shades of red and black, with Alison's eyes blacked-out and words like "monster" and "bitch" scrawled over the images. The liars—all except Aria—fled the runway, as did Jessica DiLaurentis and most of the assembled crowd.

But the creepy slide show didn't end there. When the girls returned to collect their belongings, the screen flashed again with an ominous message: "My Dresses. My Games. My Rules." Couldn't we just play a friendly round of Candy Land instead?

Do you agree that the parents of Rosewood are totally clueless? What did you think of the wind-machined fashion show? And how are you feeling about Aria and Jason's uneasy friendship? Spill all in the comments and on Twitter!