'Friends With Benefits' Stars Dream Up A Justin Timberlake Soundtrack For Marine Ball

Unless you've been living on a pop-culture-deprived commune over the past two weeks, you've probably heard that—after accepting online video invitations—"Friends With Benefits" co-stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake will be hoofing it at the Marine Corps Ball come November.

Now, we have a sneaking suspicion that with the pop dynamo in attendance, some cheeky DJ will be tempted to spin a signature JT tune or two. And we're all for it! So when we caught up with the duo and their "Friends With Benefits" co-stars at the rom-com's world premiere last night, we just had to ask for playlist suggestions.

Bryan Greenberg, who plays one of Mila's love interests in the flick, went with a classic. "'SexyBack,'" he said. "That's a pretty hot song." So hot, in fact, it was the most popular answer of the night.

In lieu of simply speaking her answer, co-star Jenna Elfman proceeded to sing a few bars from the same 2006 hit, even adding a dance component! "It's a sexy one," she said. "And I think if Mila Kunis is at the Marine Ball, you'd want a sexy song." Indeed.

Justin, himself, had a slightly different answer, but in the end, the guy just couldn't help but bring sexy back. "All of them," he said, jokingly. "It depends on if it's for a slow dance or for a fast dance," he continued. When I suggested a fast dance, he recommended "LoveStoned." "I'm not going to say 'SexyBack,'" he added. "I'm not going to say that. Okay, 'SexyBack.'"

Out of everyone, Mila undoubtedly had the most creative answer, though one that might get her in a bit of hot water with her co-star. "There's no right way of answering this," she said. "I don't know... Something brand new." So Justin needs to release new music (oh, yes please!)? "I didn't say that!" Mila exclaimed. "That's not true either. 'Happy Birthday' or 'Congratulations,' maybe."

The "Congratulations" song, huh? We've never heard of that one. Is that from his pre-'NSync oeuvre?

Which Justin Timberlake song do you think would really set the mood at the Marine Corps Ball?