'Bloodlines': Read The First Chapter Of Richelle Mead's New Novel!

To borrow a line from the marketing campaign of another vampire phenomenon, waiting sucks. Ever since we said good-bye to Rose, Dimitri and Lissa in "The Last Sacrifice," we've been eagerly anticipating author Richelle Mead's spin-off series, "Bloodlines." Well, here's something to make the wait a little less...sucky: the first chapter from the August 23 release!

As a quick catch-up, "Bloodlines" follows straight-laced alchemist Sydney, whom you may remember as Rose and Dimitri's reluctant ally in the "Vampire Academy" series. Well, much to her chagrin, Sydney is once again entangled with the Moroi, this time accompanying Lissa's little sister, Jill, to a California boarding school where she's sent for her own safety. But Sydney's not the only familiar face watching over Jill: bodyguard Eddie and lovelorn Adrian are also along for the ride.

In this initial excerpt, Sydney is unexpectedly awoken in the middle of the night to discuss the assignment with her father and the other alchemists. Except, the group is leaning towards sending Sydney's untrained little sister Zoe instead, due to Syd's history of going rogue with Rose and Dimitri. How will Sydney finagles her sister out of this mess? Read chapter one below!

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, Chapter 1

What do you think of the first chapter? Are you super-psyched to pick up a copy of "Bloodlines" next month? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!