Christina Hendricks Will Be 'Struck By Lightning' With Chris Colfer

If Chris Colfer was feeling saddish about his impending exit from "Glee," this probably cheered him up: "Struck By Lighting," the upcoming film in which Chris occupies dual roles as both lead actor and scriptwriter, just snagged a bevy of Hollywood A-listers for its cast!

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Christina Hendricks (a.k.a. that red-haired powerhouse who fills out a 1960s-era secretary dress like WHOA) has joined the project along with Sarah Hyland of "Modern Family" and Dermot Mulroney of "that movie we are embarrassed to admit having seen approximately 5,000 times."

Despite the casting announcements, there's still not much info available about who's playing what—or about the movie itself, for that matter. But the single-sentence description in the THR article is a fascinating pile of mystery! It says: "Colfer’s character is struck by lightning and then, in flashback, tells the story of how he blackmailed other high school students to contribute to a literary magazine."

...And we're just going to go ahead and crown this as the nerdiest blackmail setup ever. But if anyone can sell it, Chris Colfer can.

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