Let's Get 'Luxe': 'Gossip Girl' Drama With A Victorian Twist!

When it comes to making compelling cinema, there's nothing quite like "Gossip Girl"-style teenage dramz. The old money intrigues, the secrets and lies, the clashes between powerful families and the epic, vibrant backdrop of New York City tying it all together? It's unstoppable! It's unbeatable! And there's no way it could ever be any better...

That is, unless someone took this whole package and put a corset on it.


So take this one and file it under Movies That A Pack Of Wild Wildebeests Could Not Stop Us From Seeing: "The Luxe," a film based on the series by Anna Godbersen is being developed by the production team behind "Gossip Girl." The movie takes place in 19th-century New York City and follows four Victorian teenagers through a plot filled with love, lust, scandal and (of course) lots and lots of complicated underwear.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed a setup at Paramount and a screenplay in development, which means we should be seeing this one on the big screen within the next couple years.

Which is much too long to wait, obviously, but in the meantime, we can all entertain ourselves with the mental image of Chuck Bass in a waistcoat and spats. To use the Victorian vernacular, we'd like to get him unrigged, dab it up and let him tip our velvet.

Will you be checking out this period take on "Gossip Girl" drama? Are you a fan of the book series? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!