Mila Kunis' Co-Star Justin Timberlake Gets His Own Marine Invitation

After Justin Timberlake convinced Mila Kunis to go out with a Marine who posted a date request on YouTube, it seems that it's time for Justin to also do something for his country.

Corporal Kelsey De Santis is taking a play from Marine Sgt. Scott Moore's book, according to, and making her case as to why the "Friends With Benefits" star should take her out on a date.

Hey, considering he made our list of guys we'd ask out via viral video, we totally get where she's coming from. He's super-hot, super-successful and super-funny. Essentially, he's the best kind of guy to date. Kelsey's asking that Mr. Timberlake hit up the Marine Corp Ball with her this November in Washington, D.C.

She's even sassy enough to have this quip for the singer if he decides not to accept, "Cry me a river," she jokes. We like a girl with spunk. So, Justin, the ball's completely in your court. Need a reason to say yes? Well, we'll remind you of the one you gave Ms. Kunis, "You need to do it for your country." Since you acted as Scott's wingman, we're here acting as Kelsey's. Girls gotta stick together.

Justin totally has to accept, right?