Charlaine Harris Says 13th Sookie Stackhouse Novel Will Be Last: Our Happily Ever After Wish List

The end is coming for Sookie Stackhouse, and author Charlaine Harris is going to be the lady to finish her off.

When MTV News caught up with Charlaine at the "True Blood" premiere last month, she dished that there were only going to be two more books in Sookie's long-running series (on which the HBO series is based). As fans of both the books and the TV show here at Hollywood Crush, we understand that the two are becoming entirely different beasts, with the main connecting thread the swoon-worthiness of Eric Northman. Let's just say that book 11, "Dead Reckoning," left us in a very different place than "True Blood" is headed, and we're expecting the two series to have significantly different conclusions as well.

Only Alan Ball and HBO know how long the show will end up running, but with the end in sight for the books, fellow fangirl Kara Warner and I have detailed some major things we'd like to have happen before Charlaine closes the book on Sookie for good. Beware, SPOILERS for the novels abound after the jump!

The Return Of Quinn

Love him or hate him, Quinn is one of only three men Sookie has ever been involved with. We knew him briefly, and they were actually pretty good together, but though Quinn has been gone for a while it seems strange for him not to return before the series ends. I personally am not a believer that these two are MFEO (my heart is still on Eric, though that hope is fast fading), but Quinn certainly did add a fun tiger-ish feel to the novels he was a part of. —Terri Schwartz

One Last Great Eric Sex Scene

Let's face it, things certainly were not looking up for Eric and Sookie's relationship in "Dead Reckoning." He has a wife, their passion was flagging and there was only one—one!!—sex scene between them. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that these two likely aren't going to end up together, but it would be nice to have one last hook-up between Eric and Sookie along the lines of their infamous shower scene in book four. —TS

Alcide And Sookie Finally Get It On

This is pretty pie-in-the-sky as far as hopes and dreams go for what I want, but no matter! I want what I want, and that is a Sookie and Alcide hookup, on the levels of the aforementioned Sookie/Eric shower scene. Yes, I know their storylines haven't intersected well in awhile, and as a huge Alcide fan I've always been sad about where his character went, but this is all the more reason to give me—um—us what we want! After all, Sookie said Alcide was exactly the type of man she could see herself with way back when they met, and his supe-ness is WAY easier to deal with than others'. —Kara Warner

Sookie Finds Her Somebody…

One of the best characteristics about Sookie Stackhouse in the books is that she is her own woman. Despite the fact that she keeps getting her life threatened because of her affiliation with the supernatural community, she has never needed any man—even Bill—and hasn't taken crap from anybody. In fact, Charlaine has long said that there isn't any guarantee that Sookie will end up with anyone by the time the books end. While I certainly would empathize with her decision to disregard the men in her life, it would be nice to see her happy with someone who will love her and treat her well. —TS

And A Boring Happily Ever After

A consistent trend throughout the series is Sookie's wish to just be left alone by the supernatural community. She promises to stay out of their business again and again, even making it her New Year's resolution but continually gets roped back in and typically almost gets killed. When the final Sookie Stackhouse book ends, I think it's fair that Sookie finally does get left alone by the supes, and lives the rest of her life happily and without a constant fear of death by vampire, witch or were-whatever. —TS

What would you like to see in the last two books? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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