'Harry Potter' Stars Conjure Up 'American Talk 2'

The last episode of American Talk with the "Harry Potter" cast was such a smashing success, we had to bring our favorite wizardly Brits back for another round. But this time, we're upping the ante with a three-part test to determine just how red, white and blue these posers from across the pond really are. Ready? Let's go!

First up: identifying photos of American heroes, starting with a white-haired fellow who you might recognize as the first U.S. President.

Tom Felton, who wowed us the first time around with his ability to yell "Booya!" can't quite get there.

"He's on your dollar bill?" he says. (True! But not good enough!)

Rupert Grint gets it, though, identifying the mystery man as George Washington. But he fails to identify Doc Brown from "Back to the Future," leading us to question whether he can truly be a real American. And Tom Felton tried to tell us that Robert Pattinson, our most beloved citizen, isn't actually from here! BLASPHEMY.

Next, we move on to round two: talking American. This time, each actor invites us to go watch a football game in his "bitchin', tricked-out truck." Tom Felton and Rupert Grint reprise their praiseworthy accents from last year, but Matthew Lewis nails it like a freakin' pro. Winner! Matthew, pick us up at 7 and we'll totally go to that football game.

And we will also make out in the backseat of your truck. You know, FOR FREEDOM.

And finally, we asked the stars to prove their patriotic prowess with a sing-a-long to the American anthem...which is, of course, "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus. Unfortunately, what ensues is so painfully awkward that it's better to just pretend it never happened. But two out of three ain't bad! And everyone passes with flying colors—just in time to take home some fabulous door prizes.

Which Harry Potter actor would you crown the King of America? (Trick question! We don't have a king, you COMMUNIST!) Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!