Marine Scores Date With Mila Kunis, Here's Who We Want To Score With!

We sort of always knew that Mila Kunis was pretty rad, but the "Friends With Benefits" star upped her cool quotient this week when she agreed to go out on a date with Marine Sgt. Scott Moore.

Here's the back story: Scott made a video to try and woo the "Black Swan" starlet to be his date for a big event. The video was brought to the actress' attention, and with some nudging from Justin Timberlake, she agreed to attend the Marine Corps Ball with Scott in November. Now, how sweet is that?

But, here's the thing: If we knew it was that easy to get a celebrity to date us, we may have tried the whole viral video thing ages ago. While we aren't camera-ready today, there are a number of A-listers we wouldn't mind hiring hair and makeup for if it meant we could catch their attention. Who would we ask to a ball and get all Cinderella-fied for?

Chris Evans makes our cut. The "Captain America" star is certainly fine enough for us to go to the lengths of making a video and posting it on the internet. Right?

And let's not forget about Mila's co-star. No, not Natalie Portman! (Though we totally love her, just not like that.) We mean Justin Timberlake. Hello? Have you seen him dance? That alone is reason enough to take our plea viral.

Ryan Reynolds would "Change-Up" our lives if he agreed to date up after seeing our video, that is if we have one… cause we totally don't… like at all… so don't go looking, okay?

No list would be complete without mentioning Ryan Gosling. The "Crazy, Stupid, Love." star has had us wanting to date him since his days as a Mouseketeer. So, Ryan, what do you say? I mean, Mila did it.

Which celebrity would you make a viral video for? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!