'True Blood': How Do Real Vampires Feed?

by Vaughn Schoonmaker

On tonight's episode of "True Blood," Jessica confessed her dirty little secret to Hoyt: She "cheated" on him by drinking another man's blood. But have you ever wondered how a real vampire feeds? Does he or she chomp down on the necks of poor, helpless mortal victims? As it turns out, there is a lot of thought and cooperation put into the process, and every donor, according to our real vampire commentator Michelle Belanger, is willing to "donate."

For those of you just catching up on our conversations with a REAL vampire, she has established that there are two main categories of vampires: sanguine (blood drinkers) and psychic (energy/life force drinkers). Michelle herself is not a blood drinker, but is friends with many who are.

"We always see vampires biting somebody on the neck," Michelle noted of fictional vampire characters, like those on "True Blood." "The problem with that is there are a host of very significant arteries and veins here. All of those donors would bleed out the moment the vampire pierced the jugular."

Instead, she says, sanguine vampires often draw blood from a series of shallow cuts made on the donor's upper shoulder or other places on the body since these areas tend to be easier to treat afterward and are also rich in blood.

"Because of blood borne diseases," she added, "they make sure everyone is tested every six months."

Hear more about vampire feeding, including how Michelle feeds off of donors' energy, in the video above. And check back tomorrow morning for our full recap of "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"

What questions do you have for Michelle?