Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charisma Carpenter Land New Gigs: Where Are The Other 'Buffy' Alums?

It's a great time to be an alum of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," seeing as many of the show's cast members are returning to the small screen. With news that the show's resident mean girl, Cordelia (a.k.a. Charisma Carpenter) has nabbed herself a cameo spot on USA Network's "Burn Notice," it got us wondering what the other actors on the show are up to these days. Short answer: quite a lot!

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be back on prime time this fall with her thrilling new CW drama, "Ringer." The show revolves around a woman running from the mob who is pretending to be her twin sister. The problem? Her sister's identity also comes with some baggage.

Eliza Dushku tried to spark people's interests with the Joss Whedon-created "Dollhouse," but that failed to connect with audiences. However, a new image of her as an animated version of Catwoman for the straight-to-DVD flick, "Batman: Year One," might have more tongues wagging. It comes out this October.

While many of the alums are trying their hands at new projects, there are also a couple heading back to shows we're already watching week after week. This fall David Boreanaz will remind us why we fell in love with him as Angel when he heads back to solving crimes on "Bones," while Alyson Hannigan will have us laughing all over again on "How I Met Your Mother."

But we're always hoping that someday there can be some amazing magical "Buffy" reunion special, even if David B assured us a while back that that will never happen. Well, you know what, never say never. Are we right, Justin Bieber?