Kellan Lutz Shows Us His Sneaky Side In 'Syrup'

by Christina Garibaldi

Kellan Lutz has been keeping very busy since "Breaking Dawn" wrapped back in April. The hunky vampire has been taking over the streets of New York City for his new indie flick "Syrup," which has him suiting up as a young hot shot trying to move up the corporate ladder. We caught up with Kellan on set where he gave us the scoop on what we can expect from the upcoming flick.

"'Syrup' is about two twenty-something-year-olds, and it's a love story about marketing and two soda companies and the race to create the big, amazing product," Kellan explained. "It’s very fast paced. It's very much 'Wall Street' meets the advertisement world."

Kellan trades in his role as Emmett Cullen for Sneaky Pete, who has—you guessed it!—a sneaky side.

"I play a character named Sneaky Pete, and what I love about him is he doesn’t say anything in the whole movie except until the end," Kellan revealed.

So did this present a challenge to the rising star? Of course not!

"It’s different, it really is," he said. "It’s great that there’s reason behind it all versus not having lines, in a movie like this when you’re acting, less is more. You find clever ways to act without speaking."

Kellan stars alongside one-time Hump Day Hottie Shiloh Fernandez, who finds himself hopelessly in love with leading lady Amber Heard.

"I work opposite Shiloh, he plays my love interest," Amber said. "He is a driven young man who falls hopelessly in love with the wrong girl and will stop at nothing to get her, and she will stop at nothing to get to the top."

So does Shiloh get the girl?

"In the end he has a moral decision about whether or not he wants to be a part of this advertising world and he chooses… I guess I shouldn’t give away the ending," Shiloh teased, ultimately revealing that love does conquer all.

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