'True Blood' And Vampire Public Relations: Meet The Real Nan Flanagan

by Vaughn Schoonmaker

Wiccans and werepanthers and vampires with amnesia, oh my!

Season Four of "True Blood" is already knee deep with grave issues for our main characters, and we are loving it!

Can you guess who else is loving it? Our real vampire commentator, Michelle Belanger, who says she started watching "True Blood" regularly for a whole different reason: Nan Flanagan’s character.

Vampire public relations have been a common theme in the arc of the series since episode one when we learned that vampires had just "come out of the coffin" in the "True Blood" version of America. Well, considering Michelle is a real vampire living in real America, I was curious about the existence of a real-life version of Nan Flanagan, the spokeswoman for the American Vampire League in the show.

It turns out, Michelle IS the Nan Flanagan of the real vampire society of America, so to speak!

“My work within the vampire community is basically like her work with the vampires in 'True Blood,'" she told us. "I’m the person who goes on CNN 'Headline News' when some teenager goes missing and panicked parents are sure that there’s a vampire cult that abducted her."

On "True Blood," the vampires have been known to kidnap a teenager here and there—case in point, what happened with Bill and my favorite character, Jessica Hamby. But Michelle assured us that real vampire subculture does not mimic that of the killer mentality some of the "True Blood" vampires possess, adding, "Nan’s whole purpose with the vampire league is to let people know that vampires don’t have secrets. [People] are judging us just because we wear black or call ourselves vampires."

Click play on the video above to hear what else "hit home" with Michelle about Sunday's "True Blood" episode!

What questions do you have for Michelle?