Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis Ask: What's Not To 'Like' About 'Friends With Benefits'?

You might have thought that "Friends With Benefits" was just another silly summer rom-com with a cast of cuties. But if that's what you thought? Guess what, you're WRONG. Because, as you can see from this very special PSA featuring stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, "Friends With Benefits" isn't just a film. It's a way of life. And in our enlightened world, it's high time that platonic pals had a public platform for letting the whole world know that, despite their complete lack of romantic attachment, they are still doing the sex to each other.

Fortunately, this very subtle video is here to get the ball rolling—urging you (yes, YOU!) to donate your Facebook status for the noble cause of no-strings-attached, strictly unromantic pelvis-bumping between friends.

...And, of course, to check out the movie when it comes to theaters on July 22.

Friends with benefits. "Like" it. Love it. Live it. Because when you do it with your friends, you're doing it for FREEDOM.

Will you be donating your status to this worthy, wonderful cause? Tell us in the comments!