'What To Expect When You're' Anna Kendrick

One thing you can say about Anna Kendrick: girlfriend is versatile! One minute she's playing a flighty high school student in "Twilight," the next minute she's wowing us as a be-suited professional businesslady in "Up in the Air", and then—BAM—it's back to school again for more Forks drama and a stint in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." (Not to mention her part in the upcoming "Rapturepalooza," where she'll take her own turn battling evil forces to save the human race from apocalypse and extinction.)

So it's no surprise, after all this, that her most recent casting announcement is totally unlike any of those other roles in any way whatsoever.

The news: Lionsgate has confirmed that Anna will appear in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" (a movie based on that terrifying book about puking, hemorrhoids and all the other lovely things that happen during pregnancy). The film will be a "Love Actually"-style mashup of multiple plotlines—only with babies and minus the English Prime Minister—and also features Brooklyn Decker, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

Anna will play Rosie, a young woman who "reunites with an attractive old flame after a turf war between their respective food trucks, and they embark on a funny, poignant journey together in the wake of a surprise pregnancy."

Sounds like the 25-year-old may need to tap "Breaking Dawn" co-star Kristen Stewart for some on-screen pregnancy advice!

What do you think of Anna's latest choice of roles? Tell us in the comments!

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