Book-To-Movie Adaptations: Our 10 Most Anticipated Casting Announcements

If your bookshelf looks anything like ours, it's likely sagging under the weight of all the amazing reads on their way to the big screen. From "The Mortal Instruments" to "Beautiful Creatures," we can hardly wait until our favorite literary characters come to life before our eyes.

As it happens, yesterday's news that "The Host" had landed a release date got us once again pondering who would be perfect to portray love interest Jared. Which then got us pondering all the other casting announcements we're absolutely itching for (we aren't a patient bunch). So while we suffer the interminable wait (thanks, studio red tape!), we list our 10 most anticipated adaptation casting announcements (in no particular order).

Character: Simon in "The Mortal Instruments" series

Who is he? Best friend to heroine Clary Fray (Lily Collins), romantic rival to Shadowhunter Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower), rock god extraordinaire (in his dreams)

Latest buzz: Names like Logan Lerman and Asher Book have been bandied about for a while now, but the most intriguing rumor of late (courtesy of Young Adult Fantasy Guide webmaster Stacey O'Neale) is that "Eclipse" star Xavier Samuel auditioned for Jace, and though he didn't score the role, he made quite an impression on Screen Gems. Could he be a Simon contender? (Personally I think he's too old and a little too good looking for the part, but I won't say no to more Xavier in my movies.)

Character: Jared in "The Host"

Who is he? Kick-ass survivor of an alien invasion, love interest to human/extra-terrestrial Melanie/Wanderer (Saoirse Ronan)

Latest buzz: This film adaptation hasn't been hosting much casting speculation of late, but with a February 2012 filming date (and a March 2013 release date), it's likely news will invade within the next few months. (Sadly, after suggesting Steven R. McQueen for the role yesterday, I realized it would likely conflict with his "Vampire Diaries" schedule. Boo.)

Character: Tris in "Divergent"

Who is she? Just one of our new favorite dystopian heroines, that's all

Latest buzz: Fan casting has run the gamut from AnnaSophia Robb to Chloe Moretz. (Our picks included Elle Fanning, Emma Roberts and "Nine Lives of Chloe King" actress Skyler Samuels.) With production in its earliest stages (a screenwriter was named just a few weeks ago), we likely have months before the factions will come together.

Characters: Dimitri and Rose in "Vampire Academy"

Who is he? He's a dead sexy Dhampir bodyguard; she's his hot-headed student (and they totally like each other)

Latest buzz: We'd battle a Strigoi to glean any morsels about this adaptation, let alone plum casting scoop. Though Rose is the protagonist of this vampire romance, we can't be the only ones thinking Dimitri casting might make or break this flick. (We hope you're keeping your schedule open-ish Ben Barnes! Just sayin'...)

Character: Lena in "Delirium"

Who is she? Another new dystopian heroine, sufferer of amor deliria nervosa

Latest buzz: In a word: nothing. Few specifics have leaked since the screen rights were snatched up by Fox 2000 back in February, which we're hoping means the studio is just mulling over our picks for Lena.

Character: Cassel in "White Cat"

Who is he? Curse worker, tortured soul

Latest buzz: Author Holly Black broke the news to us back in May that her curse workers were headed to the big screen, so we can only hope she'll give us a ring when there's casting scoop to share. (Ahem, HOLLY!)

Characters: Lena and Ethan in "Beautiful Creatures"

Who are they? She's a caster (i.e. witch) who's neither light nor dark; he's the mere mortal who loves her

Latest buzz: Alas, casting news seems as elusive as Lena's Claiming. However, our friends at NextMovie recently caught up with authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and solicited their fantasy casting picks. (Yay, Emily Browning!)

Character: Claudia in "Incarceron"

Who is she? Prison warden's daughter, love interest to Finn (Taylor Lautner)

Latest buzz: Rumors have been following Claudia's casting for months now, with one report citing Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Emma Watson as frontrunners. Jennifer later dismissed that speculation, and with Blake seemingly angling for more grown-up projects (she'll play Chloe Moretz's MOM in "Hick"), we think this might be Emma's role to lose. (Y'know, if she's up for yet another literary adaptation!)

Which casting announcement are you anticipating most? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!