Taylor Swift's Fictional BFF? 'Law & Order: SVU' Detective Olivia Benson

We should kind of hate Taylor Swift, right? She's gorgeous, talented and—come on—that hair. She's completely enviable. So what is it about her that makes her so girl-appealing? We're thinking it might have something to do with her tendency to prove, time and again, that despite all the talent and fame and hair, she's a lot like us.

Tay recently opened up to Teen Vogue about such hot-button topics as her favorite songs of the moment (they're pretty '90s-tastic) and which TV character she would most want to have dinner with (Olivia Benson of "Law & Order: SVU") and her answers just made us want to be BFFs with her even more.

Speaking of BFFs, Taylor revealed her secret to staying connected with so many friends: There's strength in numbers. With some friends who pop up at awards shows and others she sees on visits home, Taylor is never without a support system. "I'm so lucky to have so many people I love and trust," she gushed.

But having friends in high places doesn't make Taylor invincible against things like stage fright. Apparently, even after three hit albums and hoards of loyal fans, there is room for nerves. Don't worry—she's not going to clam up when you see her in concert this summer. It's more an "ohmigawd my idol is right there" kind of nervousness that hits around awards season.

"I do," she admitted when asked about nerves on stage. "But only if I'm not sure what the audience thinks of me, like at award shows. I never look down at the front row! My heroes watching = nerves!"

If the whole superstar singer thing doesn't work out for her, though, Taylor has other creative outlets to fall back on. If she weren't a singer-songwriter, Tay says she would consider advertising or writing.

"I'd be doing something creative and idea-related—like coming up with ad campaigns or writing novels. Or I'd work with kids!"

We hope Taylor sticks with music—somehow, venting a bad breakup into an ad campaign just doesn't seem like it would be the same.

Would you be BFFs with Taylor? Can you believe she actually gets nervous?