'True Blood' Season 4 Premiere: Meet Our Real Vampire Commentator

by Vaughn Schoonmaker

"True Blood" kicked off its fangtastic fourth season last night, and more so than ever before, the bloodsuckers' place in polite society is being questioned thanks to that vampire king filleting a newscaster, live on air. (It's a post-Russell Edgington world, and we're just living in it, people!)

Yet, as the drama plays out on screen, what many viewers don't realize is that there are thousands of "real vampires" who exist as very real members of society across the world. Much like the vampires of "True Blood," these vampires have only recently begun to come forward to discuss the truth behind their existence.

Hollywood Crush is excited to welcome real vampire and occult expert, Michelle Belanger (@sethanikeem), who will help us dive deeper into "True Blood"'s already epic fourth season each week this summer.

Before we delve into "She's Not There," it might be helpful to answer the question, What the $#@! is a "real vampire"?

Click play on the video above to hear Michelle explain the vampire community (hint: they don't all drink blood), and check back throughout the day as we talk with Michelle about how last night's episode rings true for real vampires.

Do you have any burning vampire questions for Michelle?