'True Blood' Season 4 Preview: The Stars Spill What To Expect!

Can we all agree that nine months is too long to not have a little Bill, Sookie and Eric in our lives? Thank Godric the wait is nearly over for the season four premiere of "True Blood" this Sunday on HBO!

We recently caught up with the stars of the sexy vampire series at their red carpet premiere party, where we begged, pleaded and prodded for a rundown of the current events in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Just call us Scoop MTV. Here's what we got:

"Sookie has some pretty radical adventures in faerie land," Anna Paquin said, a tidbit many fans learned thanks to an eight-minute premiere sneak peek recently released by HBO. "Sookie learns some things about her origin that you probably won't have seen coming."

Husband and on-screen love interest Stephen Moyer will be taking on a new role this season now that the fate of his vampire nemesis has been cemented. (Ha!) "Bill's kind of clearing up the mess that Russell Edgington made," Stephen dished. "So we sort of tell the humans that vampires aren't interested in them. You know, which is a tough job."

Many cast mates, including Alexander Skarsgård (who plays Eric) and Kristin Bauer (who plays Pam), hinted that we'll see new sides of their characters, but probably the most startling revelation came from Rutina Wesley, who plays sharp-tongued Tara. "I think she's in a very zen place. She kind of goes and finds herself, so to speak, and finds how to love herself. I think she's ready to be open to the world and to life and to love."

Tara? Zen? We can hardly believe it. Though before you drop dead from shock, it sounds like at least one constant will remain for the drama magnet. "But she does get swept back up into the world of vampires. It is 'True Blood,'" Rutina added with a smirk.

Oh, "True Blood." We can't wait for you to suck us right back in.

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