Justin Bieber Says He's 'Concerned About How Girls Smell'

Justin Bieber knows how girls should smell, or at least that's what he told MTV News on Thursday in New York City where he held a fan event for his just-released fragrance, Someday.

"I just think that what we decided to do—making the fragrance for females, not getting a cologne for males—I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm more concerned about how girls smell 'cause I'm a guy, and I know what smells good, and I know what I like, so girls should know, if [I like] it, then other guys are going to like it," he shared.

As it turns out, many of his fans are, in fact, ladies. And he gushed about his dedicated legion, saying, "My fans are crazy. They wait out in the rain and anything, so they're crazy, they're awesome!"

So what should ladies smell like? "Flowery, fruity," he said with a reasonable amount of confidence. Justin has done his research for the fragrance, whose profits go to charity. "There was a long process 'cause they brought it out on the road and stuff," he added of the perfume. "I picked out the bottle and designed everything."

Justin is just the latest celebrity to launch his own fragrance. He joins an ever-growing list of A-listers including Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry and even his mentor Usher, who he says he didn't get too much help from while making the perfume.

But one question remains: What does the Biebs smell like? Aside, from what we might imagine is good, he said, "[I wear] a bunch of different stuff. I switch it up all the time."

Do you have plans to buy Someday?