'True Blood' Nabs Scott Foley For Season 4 Finale

There's no knowing what's in store on the upcoming season of "True Blood," but thanks to a loose-lipped insider, we know about at least one character who's destined to survive through the next round of supernatural scarytime in Bon Temps! TV Line is reporting that Scott Foley, the "Grey's Anatomy" regular who once won our hearts in his long-ago romantic role on "Felicity," will join the cast for a story arc that begins during the season four finale and carries straight over to the series' next outing in 2012.

No word on what that story arc is, but we're guessing that Scott will put in an appearance at Merlotte's; he'll be playing a visiting army buddy of Terry's named Patrick. And it's a good thing, too, since Terry may or may not be needing a whole lot of manly support when Arlene's baby turns out to be the devil. Just sayin'!

Whether Scott will play Patrick Furnan, a character from Charlaine Harris' "Southern Vampire Series," is still unclear. But if that is indeed the case, Patrick—who has his own supernatural abilities—will pose a threat to resident dreamboat Alcide. What a pretty tussle that would be.

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