EXCLUSIVE 'Footloose' One Sheet: Cut Loose With Kenny Wormald

You might have thought that things couldn't get any footlooser around here... but you'd be wrong! Because in addition to giving you a glimpse of those movie stills and debuting the trailer for the fab "Footloose" reboot later today, we've also got an EXCLUSIVE look at the hot-off-the-presses movie poster. Feast your eyes on this cinematic splendor, y'all—in which star Kenny Wormald reclines delicately, earbuds in place, against the lovingly supportive curves of an old-school Volkswagen.

We're digging the new look: distinctive and dreamy, but with just enough shades of the original "Footloose" to make our nostalgic little hearts go pitter-patter. Everybody cut!

(Be sure to check out the poster in its full, high-resolution glory!)

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