NKOTBSB Tunes On 'Glee'? Here's Our Wishlist!

Given that New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys have two of the most recognizable catalogues in pop music history, their many, many songs seem like they would be the perfect soundtrack for an episode of "Glee." When we had the honor and distinction of catching up with parts of NKOTBSB earlier this week, they weighed in on if they'd ever work with Fox's hit show.

The answer: maybe. (Click play on the video above to hear the hilarious role Brian Littrell dreamed up for himself!) We'll leave it to tour opener Matthew Morrison to convince them to let the show use their songs. In the meantime, in an attempt to send out hopeful vibes into the universe, we proudly present our wishlist of the NKOTBSB songs New Directions should definitely put their signature stamp on.

"I Want It That Way"

This is the definitive BSB track, off their definitive album, Millennium. Soaring melodies and heartbreaking lyrics would certainly sound great sung by the ladies, for a lovely twist on a classic.

"Step by Step"

Who wouldn’t want Darren Criss and the Warblers to have some fun with this classic track? Darren is sort of the Jordan Knight of "Glee," dontcha think?

"As Long as You Love Me"

Fun and lighthearted—should a romantic storyline on the show need the perfect musical accompaniment, this is the one.

"The Right Stuff"

You've got the right stuff, baby, indeed. This song is such a sing-along classic that it feels like the New Directions could have the best time ever singing and dancing to it.

What songs from NKOTBSB would you love to hear on "Glee"?