Did Penn Badgley Beat Out Robert Pattinson For Jeff Buckley Biopic?

Robert Pattinson's dreams of playing soulful musician Jeff Buckley in a biopic based on the short-lived rocker's life may have been dashed. According to new reports, "Gossip Girl" star Penn Badgley is at the top of the short list to play the role in the long-simmering film about the rocker.

Penn and Robert aren't the first dark-haired babes linked to the role. Countless others including, James Franco, have all had their names tossed in the ring, but sources tell Hollywoodlife.com that, "Penn is thrilled to get this role and thinks it’s the film of a lifetime. He’s been trying to push out of the 'Gossip Girl' image and knows this film will be the perfect opportunity to do so."

The source added, unsurprisingly, that Robert isn't as excited about the news. "Robert Pattinson is devastated he’s lost out on the one role he really wanted. It was down to Rob, James Franco and Penn for the part, and Rob was really pushing himself to get it," the source said of the "Twilight" star, who's singing chops were featured on the franchise's first soundtrack. "So he’s really bummed. He was passionate about this project."

Right now, nothing is confirmed, and for those wondering if Penn has the signing ability to pull it off, well, it turns out he does. In some online video, Penn is seen sitting at the piano, singing away in a bluesy, Buckley-esque manner.

Who would you like to see take on the role of Jeff Buckley? Could this be the film that catapults Penn to movie star status? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!