It's A Boy For Natalie Portman: We Dress The Tyke!

The most-anticipated celebrity baby of 2011 has finally arrived—and given his parentage, predictions are already flying as to whether he's destined to be a model-slash-rocket-scientist, an actor-slash-activist or an ethical gangsta rapper with a side gig as a ballerina. Yep, you guessed it: Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millepied have officially welcomed their first child into the world.

The brand-new baby boy might have just made his grand entrance, but he's no stranger to the Hollywood crowd; the as-yet-unnamed kid was even on stage (albeit in fetus form) when his mom accepted her Best Actress Oscar for "Black Swan." But more importantly, now that he's out of the womb, he's going to have to bring his A-game when it comes to looking fashionable. Being less than 24 hours old is no excuse! So in honor of his birth, the Hollywood Crush staff has come up with a few fashionable ways to celebrate the Portman baby's first few weeks on earth...with onesies that pay homage to his famous mama (designed using INKtastic).

Check them out above and weigh in with your own punny, funny messages.

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