'Breaking Dawn' Trailer Fan Reactions: And The Best Squee Goes To...

It's been two days since the exclusive "Breaking Dawn" teaser trailer premiered live at the MTV Movie Awards—and if you're anything like us, it's taken you this long to even think about all those vampire wedding invitations, heaving back muscles and up-close shots of Kristen Stewart's vamp-impregnated belly without hyperventilating until you pass out. (OMG VAMPIRE BABY! I'm typing this with a paper bag in hand, just in case!)

But as passionate as most fans felt about this first fabulous look at the beginning of the end of "The Twilight Saga," a few of you guys went above and beyond to show us your real-time responses to the magic as it happened. And there's no doubt about it: The award for Best Reaction Ever goes to a pair of Danish damsels who uploaded their video under the username AgneteFlygerHansen...and whose squealing and screaming could probably be heard from SPACE.

But don't take our word for it: check it out! Although, uh, you might want to turn down your speakers first.

Our energetic European friends claimed top honors (they're hard to miss in the lower right-hand corner!) along with a few more restrained but equally-thrilled runners-up: Sophia from Hawaii, Jessika from Tennessee and RPad in Michigan.

Of course, gasping and crying is de rigueur now that we're coming into the home stretch for the final films in the saga—after all, we've been waiting THREE YEARS to see Edward and Bella put a ring on it! But it's especially fun to compare the "Breaking Dawn" fervor to the early buzz for the first film, when the comparatively restrained fan reactions to the "Twilight" trailer (below) were mostly lukewarm compliments on Robert Pattinson's ability to pull off an American accent. Oh, how far we've come!

How loud did you squeal at Sunday night's exclusive trailer? Don't be afraid to admit it in the comments!