'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey's First Kiss? Miley Cyrus!

We can sit here and list off the guys that Miley Cyrus has been romantically linked to over the years (note: we're not going to), but that list would be incomplete without adding "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey.

According to the newest wolf on the block, he and Miley shared a sort of puppy love story back in the day.

"I worked on a TV show called 'Doc,' starring Billy Ray Cyrus, when I was nine-years-old," he told Seventeen. "His daughter, Miley Cyrus, was my first kiss and girlfriend. We dated for two years and broke up when we were 11."

The relationship may not have had a happy ending (at least in terms of the romance), but he insists, there are no hard feelings. He added, "I saw her three years later on TV and freaked out! We're still friends." Nice to hear!

These days his relationships are a lot less innocent. The former child star recently spoke to MTV News about the proper art of werewolf kisses now that he's an adult. The secret? Tongue. Um, okay then. We guess we'll be seeing plenty of it on "Teen Wolf" every week. Not. Complaining.


Are you surprised to hear about Tyler and Miley's "romantic" history?