Bella And Edward's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Invitation: What Do Bridal Experts Say?

Now that the most-anticipated wedding invitation of the year has reached our mailboxes, we can't seem to let it out of our grubby little hands. It's just so pretty! Yet simple! Just like Bella Swan!

But in an epic feat of sheer will and determination, we did let the pretty parchment out of our paws just long enough for a few bridal experts to examine the invite and weigh-in with their thoughts and answer our burning questions. What does the design (and noteworthy wording) say about Bella and Edward? Keep reading after the jump for their full analysis of the "Breaking Dawn" invitation!

"My first general impression is that it's surprisingly simple and traditional—in the construction, the color, the wording. Even down to the wax seal," said New York City-based wedding planner Lindsay Landman of Lindsay Landman Events. "I feel like [the simplicity] is a sign of youth. When I have a lot of younger brides, they don't want to commit to something that's super involved and over-the-top customized. To them, a wedding is still very traditional."

Yet, one thing that's definitely not traditional about the invitation—though it is becoming more popular among brides and grooms—is leaving the parents' names off of the invite. "The most traditional wording you can have is the bride's parents' names go first, and it makes it clear that they're giving their daughter for the wedding, and then the groom's parents' names follow the groom's name," said Amy Eisinger, Associate Editor of

Though as a self-professed "Twilight" fan, Amy does have her own theory for the wording on Bella and Edward's invitation. "We see a lot of couples doing this nowadays, especially if the couple is financially contributing. Money isn't exactly a problem for the Cullens, so I would assume his family contributed a lot, especially since her dad isn't super-approving of the wedding. You can kind of imply all of that," she said.

"Generally something like this, where it says 'Together with their families,' generally signifies familial drama," Lindsay agreed.

In addition to MIA parents' names, another on-trend aspect of the invitation is its gray color palette. "The use of gray or charcoal versus black is a sign of something being less formal," Lindsay said. "Black ink usually signifies a black-tie wedding, whereas gray's like, 'I'm fancy but not super-fancy.' In general, gray has been really huge in terms of decor in the past year, year and a half."

And leave it to a woman whose life work is weddings to spot something even us die-hard Twilighters didn't notice: The invitation's graphic hearkens to Bella's headpiece! "It's not exactly the same, but it has some similar characteristics," Lindsay observed. "I don't know which came first: the chicken or the egg."

Now that you've heard what the bridal experts have to say, click play on the video above to hear "Twilight" experts sound-off on the invite!

(Click on the image above to see more pics of the "Breaking Dawn" wedding invitation!)

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