Robert Pattinson Smooches Taylor Lautner: Favorite 'Twilight' Best Kiss Acceptance Yet?

After three consecutive MTV Movie Award wins for "Best Kiss," there's no doubt about it: The citizens of America just loooove to watch Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson playing "Twilight" tonsil hockey on the big screen. Which makes it all the more frustrating that, with each win, the pair's acceptance speech has consisted of a bunch of chuckly banter, awkward shuffling-around and a general lack of anything even remotely resembling the passionate smooching that scores them a bucket of Golden Popcorn every year.

But that all changed at last night's ceremony, when Rob turned to Kristen, looked deeply into her eyes, and said...

"I don't feel like kissing you!"

...before sprinting into the audience and snogging the bejeezus out of Taylor Lautner! (Not a bad consolation prize for Taylor after losing the "Best Kiss" award to his English co-star.)

Okay, okay: so maybe it's still not the all-out smoochfest that Robsten fans were clamoring to see. But we're pretty sure that, all things considered, this is one of the best "Best Kiss" acceptance speeches in the history of "Twilight"... and possibly the world. What do YOU think?

Are you all a-twitter after last night's man-on-man liplock? Tell us in the comments!