MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show Behind The Scenes!

We've Styled the Stars, spied where Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are sitting and watched the oh-too-short "Breaking Dawn" teaser about 483 times. In short, we are more than ready for tonight's MTV Movie Awards!

Up first is the star-studded red carpet where we'll not only catch up with your favorite celebs, but will also debut a boat-load of super-fun exclusives. Of course, there will be plenty going on behind the scenes, too, that you won't see on TV, which is why you should stick close to Hollywood Crush's pre-show live blog. Our intrepid reporters are staking out the Gibson Amphitheatre from multiple vantage points, poised to bring you heaps of juicy scoop.

So tune your TV to the "America's Best Dance Crew" finale and pre-show, and stick close to Hollywood Crush for all your behind-the-scenes needs. (And don't forget to check in with our friends at MTV Style for their expert red carpet fashion analysis!)

9:00 And that's a wrap on the red carpet! It's showtime at the MTV Movie Awards! For all the backstage scoop, be sure to follow Movies Blog's behind-the-scenes coverage. Thanks for sticking close to Hollywood Crush. XOXO

8:59 Emma Watson just passed Patrick Dempsey backstage. The second she cleared him, she turned to her rep, put her hand over her heart and sighed at his dreaminess. (We would too, girl!)

8:58 We've spotted Robert Pattinson backstage! And there he goes! He's in a hurry.

8:57 Three minutes until the big show!!!!!!

8:55 Geez, KStew's dress is covered in safety pins. Don't mess with the chick in the red dress, everyone!

8:54 We've got Emma Watson on the red carpet! We're glad she made it all the way to L.A. for her Movie Awards debut!

8:50 Be still my beating heart: Tyrese and Ryan Gosling are hanging out and hugging. I want to be the filling in that sandwich!

8:49 Hearing rumors Robert Pattinson skipped the red carpet. 10 minutes until go-time and we have yet to see him.

8:48 Emma Roberts just strolled through the backstage area followed by Andrew Garfield walking with Danny McBride. Interesting pairing...

8:45 Correction! Biggest reaction so far goes to Ms. Kristen Stewart!

8:44 Lily Collins just told us she knew Jamie Campbell Bower was her Jace in "Mortal Instruments." Awww...

8:38 Gary Busey is here. That is all.

8:29 Biggest reaction from the fans so far at the Gibson Amphitheatre? Mr. Taylor Lautner. (Shocked? Yeah, us neither.)

8:27 Emma Watson is all sparkly! And her hair is growing out enough to rock a pony tail. So psyched she's here tonight (especially since she's presenting an exclusive "Deathly Hallows: Part 2" clip!).

8:23 TAAAAAAAAAYLOOOOOOR! Tay Tay says he's on Facebook now:! Totally liking

8:21 It's a total "Twilight" lovefest backstage. The 'rents—Billy Burke, Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli—are hugging. I guess a wedding sure can bring people together!

8:20 We've got some fun stuff from Kellan...stay tuned for that.

8:19 Kellan Lutz is such a classy celeb. He's chatting up his fans before he chats with us!

8:12 Mila Kunis is in the house! She's sporting the cutest sequin mini, like, ever.

8:07 I don't know about you, but I'm pretty darn excited for "Teen Wolf." What do you think?

8:01 Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed are talking about the "Twilight" surprise! Bella and Edward's wedding invitation! You like?

7:58 Rosie Huntington-Whitely has never seen a 3D movie! "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" director Michael Bay only showed her the 2D version so far!

7:56 Since Justin's not here, do you think Selena should accept his Golden Popcorn if he wins Most Jaw-Dropping Moment?

7:55 Naughty, naughty, Mr. Facinelli! Papa Cullen just told us he *may* have another F-bomb ready if he takes the Movie Awards stage.

7:51 Oh. My. Gomez. Selena looks fab tonight, no? Wouldn't she look even better with a Bieber on her arm? (*Nudge, nudge* *Wink, wink*)

7:47 And now you can see him for yourself: Mr. Tom Felton! Will you be seeing "Planet of the Apes"?

7:44 What does everyone think of Brooklyn Decker's gold, sparkling frock?

7:40 Spotted: Former "Laguna Beach"er and current "One Tree Hill" hottie Stephen Colletti hanging out backstage for a hot second with rumored lady love Chelsea Kane. Ooh, la, la!

7:37 Any more guesses as to what the big "Twilight" surprise will be during the pre-show?

7:35 "Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev just tweeted that she's on the red carpet! What do you think she'll be wearing? And maybe more importantly, will Ian Somerhalder be with her?

7:32 Do you agree with Christopher Mintz-Plasse? Would Edward Cullen totally kick his vampire character's butt? (We gotta admit...we kinda think he would too.)

7:30 And we're LIVE on MTV for the pre-show and "America's Best Dance Crew" finale! You're tuning in...right?

7:29 We've spotted so many "Twilight" stars on the red carpet already! Hello there, Elizabeth Reaser and Xavier Samuel!

7:15 The carpet is already NUTS! "Twilight" star Booboo Stewart just told us he's nervous, but we totally couldn't tell!

7:10 Ah, man. Taylor Lautner's going to have a run for his lycanthrope money! The cast from MTV's new "Teen Wolf" series (debuting right after the awards show) is huddling together for a little pre-show pep talk. Adorbs.

7:07 Attention "Harry Potter" fans! We just chatted with Best Villain nominee Tom Felton. Did the blond baddie get your vote? Will it be a repeat (Mark Wahlberg included)?!?

7:05 Who are you most excited to see on the red carpet tonight? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

7:00 It's tiiiiiiiimeeeeeee! Welcome to Hollywood Crush's behind-the-scenes live blog of the MTV Movie Awards pre-show!